The world just got scarier...and so did we!

Click here for hundreds of photos of the House of Dummies 2001 Haunted House

see you in the dark

You thought you had seen the last of us...
This time you have
...for ever!

. House of Dummies Past:
There have been many, many nights of frights!

The House of Dummies is now only history, this website, photos, and rumors

Photos of 1995's House of Dummies
This link leads to a graphic intensive page, it might be slow loading! But it is worth it! (300K)

Some photos from 1996's House of Dummies
This page is about 100K

A slide show of the House of Dummies '96 in action
This leads to an index.

Take a look at these pictures of the 1997 House of Dummies
The 7th House of Dummies. Say it now..."I  wanna go to Hell"
Real Caverns!  Real mud! Real Danger!!

1998: the dummies take a year off, our house was way too scary.....
1999 Pictures, hundreds of them!
Dummies 2000 at the Gundry House
House of Dummies 2001.... is your photo here?

.gif image of the head dummy
head dummy

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